Race number 2: The Sweden Internationals at Tierp Arena, Sweden


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Tierp Arena, an hours drive north of Stockholm, a world class race track known for its' excellent racing surface where almost all current European drag racing records have been set.

Jimma CarThat continued this weekend with Jimmy Ålund again resetting both the time and speed record for FIA Pro Stock.

Qualifying for J&J Performance Racing Team was very close to perfect, Jimmy Ålund had both the quickest and fastest car in three of the four qualifying sessions. Two consecutive 6.5 second runs with speeds over 240 km/hours (211 mph) was unheard of before this race and that performance of course meant yet more European records for Jimmy. The new FIA Pro Stock record for elapsed time is 6,552 seconds and the new speed record is 341.34 km/hours (212.10 mph).

"We're very happy about how we handled qualifying", says Jimmy, "we have the performance but needed consistency which clearly is much better now".

Sunday morning opened up with rain but that cleared up and eliminations got under way around noon. First round out of three, Jimmy Ålund ran another 6.5 second run, 6.58, and took out Ulf Wagnhester.

Second round. One of the great long time rivalries in European Pro Stock racing, Jimmy Ålund against Michael Malmgren. Michael had been running strong in qualifying but no win for him this time, Jimmy is the definition of consistency and runs yet another 6.58 second run.

The final. For the second time this season, Jimmy is up against reigning European Pro Stock champion Thomas Lindström. Thomas has as usual run strong and consistant all weekend and was the number 2 qualifier.

Thomas leaves the line first this time, 41 thousands of a second quicker than Jimmy but the power of the KW Parts Camaro had pulled Jimmy to a slight lead at half track and things looked very good for another event win.

But that was not to be. At about 300 meters Jimmy shut off the engine and that was the end of what so far had been a superb weekend.

Jimmy, want to talk about it? "Not really, I shifted to high gear, lost power and heard mechanical noises that tells you to shut down as quickly as is humanly possible". Jimmy shakes his head, "I know what the next question is but, no, we do not yet know the extent of the damage. What I do know is that we have loads of work to do before we can go racing at Alastaro."

Is there anyhthing positive to take away from the weekend? "Doesn't feel like it right now but be sure the car ran incredibly well until that last race." A very slight smile, "every run this weekend except for the final was faster and quicker than the records from 2012".

Jimmy Ålund and the team leaves the Sweden Internationals as the points leader, but only by 4 points.

The third race in the 2013 FIA Pro Stock Drag Racing Championship series is the Nitro Nationals at Alastaro, Finland. The qualifying starts on Friday morning, July 5.

For more information including videos, please visit www.JimmyAlund.com

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