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When applying for credit, KW Parts will only make credit analysis in order to approve delivery against invoice when you have made 3-5 purchases to a total value of 1 000 EUR. This means all customers initially will be opened for credit card only and that credit application should not be sent before the limit for purchases has been reached. Your credit application should be sent as an ordinary e-mail including your company name and customer number to . Payment reminders will be charged at the statutory rate. Penalty interest for late payment may be charged. The cost of debt collection/recovery etc will be charged to the client. If we do not receive payment as agreed, the credit and, where applicable, any discount will be withdrawn. KW Parts will calculate a limit of amount of credit days based on your purchases. Ordering will be stopped when the limit for credit is reached or invoices overdue. From case to case a renewed credit control will be made before re-opening of customers which have been closed due to unpaid invoices. This credit control may result in the customer remains closed even though the total debt has been paid. The customers will in these cases be advised to pay by credit card.

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