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Race number 4: The NitrOlympx at HockenheimRing, Germany

What a difference a year makes

The weather at HockenheimRing was sunny and dry all weekend with enormous crowds in place. Important ingredients for a good race but the big news this year was the all new track surface.

New asphalt needs expert preparation for the racers to be able to deliver high quality performance racing. Track preparation is a science that takes a lot of time and effort and much more so for a brand new surface. The big question was if the track would be good enough for European Championship racing this year.

Jimmy Ålund, did the track work? "Absolutely, we're amazed by what the HockenheimRing crew managed to do. New track records in classes for both cars and motorcycles. It made for a very good event".

It's Jimmys fourth race of the second season with this car and it looks like the J&J Performance team have confidence in what they can achieve. "I agree. We always need to be learning to try to stay ahead but the whole team feels very good about the car right now", Jimmy says. " It reacts exactly the way we want it to".

It showed in qualifying. Jimmy took the number one spot for the fourth time in as many races. The elapsed time of 6.653 seconds is also the new HockenheimRing track record for Pro Stock.

But eliminations on Sundays are a whole different matter. No second chances.

Quarterfinals: Jimmy Ålund won against Ulf Wagnhester with the quickest time of the day, 6.654 seconds.

Semifinals: Hot track temperature slow down the cars but it does not affect the very close racing. Jimmy 6.75 seconds against Magnus Petterssons 6.78. Magnus had quicker times all the way to half track but the KB Racing horsepower did it's job. Jimmy pulls away and wins but the margin is only 0.039 seconds.

A round win is always important but the competition is fierce. Thomas Lindström is second in the championship and he not only pulled a win in the other semi final but he also posted a quicker time than Jimmy. That means lane choice for the Lindström Dodge and sometimes a psychological advantage.

Finals: Jimmy keeps his cool with another fantastic reaction time, 0.019 seconds to young Thomas Lindströms 0.063. That's all it took. In Pro Stock you cannot give away 0.04 seconds at the starting line and expect to win in a final round. Lindström did everything in his power to reel in Jimmy, he ran a quicker time but lost the race (a "holeshot") as the KB Racing horsepower kept the J&J Performance Racing Camaro ahead all the way across the finish line.

Jimmy Ålund takes his third win this season. A fantastic race weekend. "Yes it was", says an elated Jimmy, "good for the huge crowd and the sport. Racing in Pro Stock on Sundays is always very challenging and today it could've turned out a lot different than it did but we all worked hard, did our jobs and it paid off."

This is the second time this season that Jimmy wins a final on a holeshot against Thomas Lindström. "Yes, well", Jimmy with a big smile,"the older the fiddle, the sweeter the music".

Jimmy Ålund and the team leaves the NitrOlympx as the points leader, now extended to 42 points over second place Thomas Lindström. As a reference, a win in eliminations is worth 20 points.
Race number five in the 2013 FIA Pro Stock Drag Racing Championship series is the Sweden Internationals held at the fantastic race track Tierp Arena in Sweden. The qualifying starts on Friday morning, August 23.

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