Our environmental policy

KW Parts’s vision is to be Europe’s best wholesaler and supplier of spare parts and accessories for American cars.
To achieve our vision we pay particular attention to the natural environment, the future and people around the globe.

This is why we are constantly involved with environmental issues, and our object is to raise general awareness of the environment and show everyone how all of us at KW Parts can help influence and protect the environment.

Through systematic environmental work we must endeavor to prevent or reduce overall impact on the environment.

All decisions in all departments, both in administration and stores, must allow for the environmental aspect.
We must improve our knowledge of and raise awareness of environmental issues within the company by constantly discussing and
allowing for environmental aspects in our work.

KW parts

• complies with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and other environmental requirements to which we are a subject.

• wherever possible, the company endeavors to apply technology to distribution and communications (email, video conferencing etc).

• shall provide a good, safe working environment in which employees are correctly trained and where suitable safety and
  emergency equipment is available.

•  takes responsibility for the environment. We must react immediately and with responsibility to incidents or circumstances
   which may represent a risk to health, safety or the environment. We must report incidents to the authorities and notify any
   interested parties affected.

• shall ensure that hazardous waste is disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

• shall strive to choose environmentally certified subcontractors.

• strives to conserve natural resources through recycling and reuse of materials,
  through purchasing products made of recycled material.

• shall economize the use of energy in a responsible manner.

• complies with the ”Green IT” standards.

• shall constantly evaluate and improve the environmental work.

All employees are expected to comply with the policy and report any health, safety or environmental problems to their supervisor.

Managers are responsible for their areas and are expected to react immediately when issues are reported.

The Executive