About Us

KW Parts is a distributor of spare parts that also handles guarantee work for GM Authorised garages throughout Europe.

Spare parts wholesaler
KW Parts is General Motors NAV* authorised spare parts distributor and Europe's largest spare parts wholesaler of American car parts, operating in 37 countries. We stock 85,000 articles of the most sought after OEM and alternative spare parts, as well as providing access to a further 2,3 million articles, with fast delivery thanks to our daily air freight deliveries from the USA.

Our vision
KW Parts's vision is to be Europe's best wholesaler and supplier of spare parts and accessories for American cars.
This we will achieve by:

  • Highly motivated and well educated staff
  • Extensive partner network
  • Complete and updated parts assortment
  • State of the art parts operation
  • Industry leading service partners
  • Advanced Technical platform
  • Quality in everything we do

Our vision permeates everything we do, from warehouse work to board decisions.

Our notable contributions to the market, with a high level of customer focus, have been recognised over the years, demonstrated via several ACDelco Market Building Awards. These awards reflect our enterprising spirit and desire to achieve our vision.

Support function
We are responsible for all of GM's support functions for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvette American models and Hummer for the whole of Europe.

KW GM NAV (North American Vehicles) Support
We are a General Motors authorised partner, responsible for the distribution of spare parts and accessories as well as after sales services in Europe.

For authorised repairers/workshops, the following is provided by KW Parts:

Parts Assistance Center, (PAC)
KW Parts's helpdesk quickly assists in finding the right part. We have unique catalogue material from the early 1950s up to today and the latest technology when it comes to EPC catalogues.

Technical Assistance Center, (TAC)
KW Parts's helpdesk is responsible for technical support and advice. Via our experienced and competent technicians, we are in direct contact with GM's technical databases and systems. Our technicians are T3 trained directly by GM in the US and are responsible for training mechanics in Europe.

Warranty Assistance Center, (WAC)
KW Parts's helpdesk is responsible for the administration of warranty related tasks for GM's American cars sold in Europe. Authorised dealerships can register warranties for their vehicles via KW Parts's warranty system.

Support for garages


About the KW Group The KW Group consists of:

  • Parent company Klintberg & Way AB with its head office in Sweden
  • Subsidiary Klintberg & Way AS in Norway
  • Subsidiary KW Parts NV in Belgium
  • KW GM NAV Support
  • KW GM NAV Authorised garages
  • KW Partner

The head office is in Sweden, just outside Stockholm, the subsidiaries Klintberg & Way AS, is in Asker, Norway and KW Parts NV is in Kortrijk, Belgium. There are 55 employees in Sweden, 7 in Norway and 5 in Belgium. 11 local Area Managers are based on our most important markets.

Our environmental policy
The core element of KW Parts's operation is ensuring that our customers receive a fast delivery of their goods at competitive prices and in an environmentally friendly way. Our goods are packaged and transported, using the most modern logistics system to minimise transportation and thereby reducing our carbon emissions footprint.

We take an active responsibility for the environment with regard to recycling and the use of recyclable material wherever possible. For example, all 12,000 shelving sections in our new facility are made from pressed recycled cardboard.